Celebrating Pride at Bluestone Lane

At BL, we proclaim Pride 365 days a year—but this June, we’re giving back to three LGBTQ+ organizations in our local communities. 

We’ve chosen the following organizations ranging in support from health care, wellness, arts & entertainment, family support and racial justice.


Whitman Walker Foundation

“Since our founding in 1973, we have worked toward building a society where all persons are seen for who they are, treated with dignity and respect, and afforded equal opportunity to health and wellbeing.”

National Black Justice Coalition 

“Our mission is to end racism, homophobia, and LGBTQ+/SGL bias and stigma.”

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center 

“The Center is the heart and home of NYC’s LGBTQ community, providing programs for health, wellness and community connection.”

We aim to raise funds and awareness for these three incredible organizations throughout the month of June by spreading love and enforcing the importance of community with our locals. 

What we’re doing:

Limited edition PRIDE LOVE coffee blend:

As part of our Pride celebrations, we have a limited edition Pride Love coffee blend that will be available in stores and online throughout the month of June. 

Profit proceeds from the sale of Pride Love will be distributed to the three organizations. 

The artwork on our Pride Love coffee bag was designed by artist, James Goldcrown.

Donation Coffee:

On Friday June 18th, $1 from all Cold Brew and Flat Whites sold will be distributed and donated directly to our three LGBTQ+ partnering organizations. We encourage you to share your support by capturing your donation coffee marked with our Pride sticker to help spread the love. 


We are working with incredible local artists, James Goldcrown and Poppy Lavender Florals to bring Pride to life across our locations with stunning rainbow installations. Check out their work this month at select Bluestone Lane cafés.