Meet the Bluestone Lane coffee team

Meet the team

The faces behind Bluestone Lane coffee Passionate and forward-thinking, the people that make up our Coffee Team at Bluestone Lane are like no other. We had our creative team spend some time illustrating five members of the innovative force that…


Jada McNeil of Nusa Indah Surfboards

Jada McNeil with her surfboards.

We sit down with Jada McNeil of Nusa Indah Surfboards and talk about our BL collaboration and how she came to created these beautifully crafted boards.


Jai Lott – Coffee Director

Meet Bluestone Lane’s new Coffee Director Jai Lott. Jai was nice enough to answer some interview questions and dish about celebrity sightings.


Meet Tony Pantano

Meet Tony Pantano, GM of our Bluestone Lane Café Collective in the West Village. Tony was nice enough to sit down and answer some questions about his background and the cafe he oversees.


Sappho Hatzis – Our Beautiful Aussie Chef

Sappho, our beautiful Aussie chef moved to NYC to embark on a new adventure with Bluestone Lane. Developing a new, fresh, healthy standard in NYC, Sappho’s connection with melbourne has been a natural transition with the Bluestone Lane team. Have a read and learn more about the inspiration behind our Australian menu.


Nick Stone – Bluestone Lane Founder

Nick is a native of Melbourne Australia who moved to New York City in 2010. He envisioned Bluestone Lane whilst attending Business School in New York, with the idea of providing premium a coffee experience that can be readily found in Melbourne Australia (but not readily in New York).