Nick Stone – Bluestone Lane Founder

Nicholas James Stone is a native of Melbourne Australia who moved to New York City in 2010.  He envisioned Bluestone Lane whilst attending Business School in New York, with the idea of providing a premium coffee experience that can be readily found in Melbourne Australia (but not readily in New York).

Nick has extensive corporate finance and strategy experience with ANZ Banking Group Limited and UBS Investment Bank, advising and financing some of the world’s largest consumer & services companies in United States, Europe and the Asia/Pacific.

Prior to banking, Nick was a professional Australian Rules Football (AFL) player for 6 seasons, having been selected in the 1999 AFL National Draft from Wesley College, Australia (High School).


From the Melbourne newspaper The Age:

Before he opened his first Bluestone Lane in 2013, Stone spent 75 hours observing patrons at 16 Starbucks outlets to see how much time they spent there and what they bought.

Now he is at the helm of five of his own establishments around Manhattan; by the end of 2015, that tally will be at least six, maybe seven.

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Founder and CEO Nick Stone in the West Village
Image courtesy Sous Style. Originally for “WAKE UP CALL: CUFFLINKS & COFFEE WITH NICHOLAS”.