Beet Latte… damn tasty and terrific for you

Red is for roses AND lattes these days.

Before you ask, let me take the mystery away for you, this red rocket latte is constructed with dried beetroot powder which is is jam packed with nourishment and medicinal benefits. 

Smooth in texture and yet sweet on the palate, this latte is so much more than a morning wake up or an afternoon pick me up.

Beet Latte and Golden Latte in glass to stay cups
The Beet Latte pictured with our Turmeric Golden Latte

Why are beets so good?

Beetroot is a macro vegetable that increases blood flow to the periphery and importantly, the brain. With the body’s improved oxygen delivery power, a boost in endurance performance is seen and consequentially a faster recovery time for your body’s well being is achieved.

The vascular relationship doesn’t stop here, as heart disease benefits are seen, through lowering blood pressure, and purifying the blood through the dense antioxidant properties. 

It’s fair to say ordering this pretty pink delight comes with the bonus of being damn tasty and terrific for you. 

Person capturing the Beet Latte on their phone
plus, it’s very instagramable