Come be a mate

Love that local feeling? Come join the team! 

Our mission is to make everyone feel like a local, and we couldn’t do it without our teammates, from our top-class baristas
to our friendly servers and back of house heroes. If you’re passionate about all things food and coffee, love working with people
and enjoy a chat, apply today! We’re always looking for friendly faces to join our growing team. 


Icons of Bluestone Lane's staff benefits arranged horizontally. They are: 
1) A bag with a dollar sign on it, text below reads GREAT PAY WITH TIPS: competitive salary and pay plus tips. 2. A thumbs up symbol, text below reads TEAM FIRST ENVIRONMENT: Here, community starts from within.
A set of scales, text below reads WORK/LIFE BALANCE: you’ll only work daytime hours 3. A coffee cup with a dollar sign on the label, text below reads FOOD & COFFEE PERKS: that’s right! Free avo smash. 4. Hands holding up a heart, text below reads health insurance, 401K & employee assistance program.


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Bluestone Lane's core values appear on a white, rounded rectangle shape, set on top of a birds eye image of a brunch table. The values are

We are passionate about hospitality, our team & brand. We are focussed & professional in everything we do & inspire others to do the same.

We are flexible, agile, composed & ready for anything that comes out way. Just like the sea, some days are going to be a little choppy & unpredictable but when he surf is up & the vibe is right, we need to ride the wave all the way up to the shore. 

You are part of one team, that is lean, scrappy & high performing. Although you may have different responsibilities, we must act as a unified group with hustle, communication, friendship & loyalty. 

We act with honesty & integrity. We demonstrate respect for our locals, teammates & communities. We’re merit-based & provide equal opportunity for all.


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Applying from overseas? Check out our J1 visa page for more info.