NEW Draught Flat White with Califia Oat Milk

Bold, Balanced and Bloody Delicious! Our new Draught Oat Flat White with Califia Oat Milk is balanced, creamy and smooth with notes of chocolate and vanilla. We selected Califia’s Oat Barista Blend because of its naturally creamy texture and exceptional…


Celebrating Pride at Bluestone Lane

Rainbow Hearts

At BL, we proclaim Pride 365 days a year—but this June, we're giving back to three LGBTQ+ organizations in our local communities.  We’ve chosen the following organizations ranging in support from health care, wellness, arts & entertainment, family support and…


Bluestone Lane Montauk Pop-up with Frankies Bikinis

We are excited to announce our partnership with Los Angeles based fashion brand Frankies Bikinis for this years summer pop-up at our Montauk coffee shop. The pop-up will open to the public on Thursday, May 27th, and we invite everyone…


New Year, New ME(NU)

porridge and avocado smash from top down on a table.

A healthy, hearty winter menu has arrived! We're taking your new year aspirations to your plate and adding 6+ perfectly crafted dishes for winter. Our seasonal menu invites the cozy and hearty with nutrient-rich roasted vegetables, warm grain bowls and…