NEW Draught Flat White with Califia Oat Milk

Bold, Balanced and Bloody Delicious!

Our new Draught Oat Flat White with Califia Oat Milk is balanced, creamy and smooth with notes of chocolate and vanilla. We selected Califia’s Oat Barista Blend because of its naturally creamy texture and exceptional frothing ability.


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“Bluestone Lane and Califia Farms share a commitment to the best quality beverages on the market. We believe in taking time to achieve the perfect flavor and consistency of our products, and the new Draught Oat Flat White is an exceptional result. We are energized by collaborating with like-minded brands that provide our customers with delicious coffee and food to nourish them.”
Nick Stone, Founder and CEO, Bluestone Lane.

“We are proud to partner with Bluestone Lane to bring our loyal customers a draught flat white made with Califia’s best-selling Oat Barista Blend.  Gen Z and young millennials love Bluestone Lane for its fresh and aspirational, yet authentic, cafe experience, which is the same experience we deliver at home through our wide variety of premium, plant- based products. Now, people looking for a delicious Califia oat milk coffee beverage can find one at a Bluestone Lane cafe.”
Suzanne Ginestro, Chief Marketing Officer of Califia Farms.