What is Melbourne Coffee Culture and Why is it Special?

“Bluestone Lane, inspired by the world renowned coffee culture found in Melbourne Australia”

…but you may be curious to know, what is Melbourne coffee culture and why it is special?

Everyday we have customers walk into our stores who inquisitively pose what makes Melbourne’s coffee culture so unique and admirable? At Bluestone Lane we often refer to coffee culture being about an experience, an escape where you can disconnect and enjoy thoughtfully made premium beverages and food. However, a Melbourne coffee experience is actually made up of rich layers and sophistication.

The website Good Food in Australia has just published an insightful critique into Melbourne Coffee Culture and has discovered that it’s part of the city’s fabric and DNA. Good Food proposes that quite simply, Melbourne has the world’s best coffee culture.

From innovative coffee beverages, the exotic flavors of complementary foods, through to the power of the communal table, the Melbourne scene is so much more than just premium Flat Whites. It’s a way of life and true piece of pride for Melbournians and Australians.

cobblestone street with walls of graffiti .
We often have folk inquire in #NYC about where “Bluestone Lane comes from”, well here is a #quintessential #Melbourne #bluestone #lane from @visitmelbourne

Make sure to check out Good Food’s full post (complete with Bluestone Lane mention), “Why Melbourne has the best cafes in the world”.