Mercury Mosaics’ Beautiful Tiles

For a little behind the scenes glimpse into our design aesthetic (made possible by our wonderful designer Julia Sullivan), have a peak at Mercury Mosaics’ blog post “Bluestone Lane Cafe: Delicious coffee, food and tile design”. The Minneapolis based tile company creates beautiful handmade artisan tile and were kind enough to post a piece about how we used their product.

Bluestone Lane chose to use our 108 China Sea glaze in a classic Subway Tile pattern. Thanks to this glaze’s unique quality of rich variation in color and tone, each store has its own character and pizazz while maintaining a consistent design aesthetic.

– Mercury Mosaics

Mercury Mosaics 108 China Sea Glaze.

two Bluestone employees standing behind the coffee machine with the mosaic tiles behind them.

For more awesome handmade tiles visit Mercury Mosaics.

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