Introducing Our New Turmeric Golden Latte

Discover the Healing Benefits of the Golden Latte Now Available at Bluestone Lane

Blended with the perfect mixture of spice, warmth, and mood-boosting herbs, this frothy Golden Latte takes turmeric to a whole new level. Made with almond milk and a unique blend of spices, our Golden Latte gives you energy by bringing your body into balance and providing you with rich antioxidants.

It tastes warm, slightly earthy, and sometimes sweet and savory at the same time.

In addition to the handful of health benefits, this vibrant-colored latte makes the perfect photo, every time. We like to call it the perfect Instagram photo…no filter needed. #goldenlatte #bluestonelane

Made with the powerful herb, turmeric, the ingredients in the Golden Latte combine to give you amazing health benefits. This dairy-free, caffeine-free drink is made with ingredients that are said to improve your cognitive function and mental alertness. In addition, turmeric is key for treating ailments like depression, headaches, cancer, and arthritis said a report on WebMD.

The soothing and delicious anti-inflammatory properties in the Golden Latte includes: organic coconut powder, organic coconut sugar, organic turmeric, organic ginger, organic black pepper, organic ginseng powder, pink salt, and organic cayenne pepper.

Expect a cult following for the Golden Latte, which can also be served over iced on hot summer days. This drink’s vibrant colors are all you need for a mood booster. Come on over to Bluestone Lane and discover the wonders of turmeric in our delicious Golden Latte.