(Not So) Open Mic Night

Our version of an ‘open mic’ night.

If you’re looking for a good spot to support local artists, or you’re a performer searching for your next gig, we invite you to join us for a (Not So) Open Mic Night.

It is open mic, but a little less ‘open’ than in the traditional sense. Our team curates a group of undiscovered performers from around New York City, as well as friends, and internal staff members to get on stage once a month to perform. Essentially, we’ve done the legwork for you; finding a group of highly talented artists to showcase on one of the friendliest stages in NYC.

How did it start?

In early 2017, our star Bluestone Lane team found they had something in common (other than their love for coffee), and that was their passion for music. What began as an internal team night spent jamming-out after hours, has now become a monthly show inviting anybody into a welcoming environment to listen to local, undiscovered talent.  On the third Thursday of every month, kick back with cheeky drinks and evening bites at local’s hour, and catch NYC’s fresh talent on the mic from 7:30pm.

Singer with guitar in hand

Carli Naff

Part of the original team that created our (Not So) Open Mic Night, Carli Naff has doubled as a Bluestone Lane star barista, and extremely talented singer. From Thursday nights at BL after hours, to busking at subway stations, to now being published on the world’s most recognizable platforms – it’s been an honor to see Carli’s singing career take off. Her debut single was released in August 2018, available for download on iTunes and Spotify.

Listen to Carli’s debut single – Clean, released mid-2018.

Singer Carli Naff headshot
Photography by Morgan Court

The next Bluestone Lane (Not So) Open Mic Night is at 7:30pm on Thursday, August 30 at 30 Carmine Street, New York. No tickets necessary.