KeepCup – The Reuse Revolution

For those of you who have seen espresso coffee lovers walking the streets sipping from small, brightly colored, reusable plastic cups, it was mostly likely it was produced by KeepCup. KeepCup is an extraordinary global success story and is committed to reducing the environmental impact from the rise of take away coffee consumption.

KeepCup was founded in a Melbourne Australia cafe in 2008, by a group of passionate coffee connoisseurs who were, according to KeepCup member Rania Afram, “concerned about the number of disposable cups their caffeine habit was contributing to landfill”.  As a consequence, the KeepCup team went away to design and develop “the first barista standard reusable cup”, in a modest attempt to reduce the 500 billion disposable cups that are manufactured globally.

Since then, the still Melbourne HQ and manufactured KeepCup has swept Australia, Europe and now has its sights set on the United States, via establishing relationships with fellow environmentally conscious partners such as Bluestone Lane.

The original and most commonly found KeepCup is moulded from BPA free plastic, chosen for its durability, weight, ease of cleaning, low embodied energy to manufacture and recyclability at end of life.  The premium tea and coffee vessel is also spill-proof, kid friendly and made for those on the run (like so many of our Manhattan Bluestone Lane customers!).

Since its humble Australian beginnings, KeepCup now has multiple lines of products and has even expanded into 100% recyclable glass vessels, called the KeepCup Brew.

Bluestone Lane worked with KeepCup and renowned graphic designer, Richard Norris from Project13, to produce its range of 8oz and 12oz cups, perfect for a Flat White or Latte on-the-go. They are available in all stores and to support the reduction in disposable cup use, the first coffee or tea fill is on the house.

Check them out in store now.


The Bluestone Lane Team