Bryant Park Now Open!

Bluestone Lane is thrilled to launch its fourth NYC store location in Bryant Park. This Bluestone Lane has been created within the grounds of the iconic W.R. Grace Building (Wikipedia page), with its notable concaved north and south facades overlooking one of New York’s most famous public gathering areas, Bryant Park.

Our store is located within the Grace Building’s outdoor plaza on 43rd and 6th Avenue, enclosed within a glass pavilion, creating an extraordinary visual and theatrical experience for our guests.

In many ways Bluestone Lane Bryant Park is a hybrid of the new and old, taking the best elements of our original two hole-in-wall Coffee Shops located in Midtown East and Financial District, yet expanding the food offering by employing the experience we have gained from our West Village located, Bluestone Lane Collective Café.

Outside of Bluestone Lane's Grace location In Midtown NYC with tall buildings surrounding it.
Located in the Grace Building’s outdoor plaza on 43rd and 6th Ave, NYC

Bryant Park features a fastidious dedication to premium coffee, leveraging our longstanding partnerships with Niccolo Coffee (Melbourne AUS based roaster) and Sightglass Coffee (San Francisco based roaster), yet adding a substantial number of our signature Collective Café dishes, including Quinoa Porridge, Avo Smash, Kale salad and an even larger selection of Gluten Free pastries!  Bluestone Lane Bryant Park offers cold pressed juice, Found natural sparkling mineral water and for those looking to wind-down post work, we have a full range of beer and wine available.  It could quite possibly be one of the best outdoor locations in Midtown NYC for post-work drinks.

Looking through the window into the store with a man and woman sitting by the window and others waiting in line.

The design aesthetic leverages the abundant light that cascades through floor-to-ceiling glass panels, and is consistent in colors and materials with Collective Café.  Designed by Julia Sullivan, Principal at Caswell Design Group, it features a striking seafoam green wall tile and patterned floor tile, complimented with custom whitewashed oak timber bar, providing an immediate sense of tranquillity on entry.  The surrounding timber skirting and raised bar provides a perfect opportunity to observe the passing midtown traffic and escape from the intensity that is found beyond the glass walls.

Avocado smash and a flat white with swan latte art in it.

This is a truly unique coffee shop for Midtown Manhattan and we can’t wait for you to experience it.