Golden Ticket at The Govenors Ball NYC

When Governors Ball knocked on our door and asked us to be a vendor at the festival this year, we threw our hands up and jumped at the chance.

Whilst we were high-fiving mid-air, we decided to also create a competition on instagram to celebrate the collaboration between Bluestone Lane and The Governors Ball NYC 2016.

In honor of our first time at The Governors Ball, we created a Golden Ticket which entitles one lucky winner to FREE cold brews at Bluestone Lane for the entire summer. Yes you read correctly, the entire summer. The winner will get a gold metal card with their name printed on it which is good at any Bluestone Lane location (NYC & PHL) for three months.

For you to be eligible and win the Golden Ticket:

Take a fun snap at the festival of you and your Bluestone Lane cold brew with it’s blue stripey straw. Get crazy, get creative and share how much fun you’re having with your friends. The more fun you’re having with our brew and your crew, the better the chance of being “the chosen one” and securing your Golden Ticket. Oh, and please let’s keep it PG13, there are kids around. Your photo must be uploaded to instagram during the festival (June 3rd-5th) along with these 3 hash-tags:




The winner must be okay with us re-gramming the snap and announcing their name publicly on our blog and corresponding social media (we’ll check with you before making the announcement).

Gov Ball sign.

Announcing The Winner of the Golden Ticket and redeeming:

After we go through all of your amazing posts and the festival is wrapped up, we’ll contact the winner and then announce the winner via instagram. Once the winning name is verified, we’ll have their Golden Ticket personalized and the winner must then present valid ID to pick up the Ticket form their Bluestone Lane of choice.

If the winner does not live in New York or Philadelphia, they can allocate the winning ticket to their best friend in one of those cities (but once you give it away – it is all theirs!).

Our rules for the winner are simply this: 1) One cold brew coffee, per day, any day BL is open, from a single Bluestone Lane venue only.  2) You must present valid ID with your Golden Ticket. Your Golden Ticket name must match your ID, and ID must match your face. 3) If you’re an identical twin, well, keep your card away from him/her as it is only one coffee per day so that punks you  4) The Gloden Ticket is not transferable to a mate, or said twin, no passing this card around to your crew… 5) You may not go around collecting multiple cold brews for mates by visiting every Bluestone Lane location in one day. Play nicely or you risk having the card being terminated (which we reserve the right to do at any time). One cold brew per day (pretty sure we mentioned that).

We are very excited about the festival and look forward to a great weekend and enjoying some amazing music, food, coffee and instagram fun.