Cold Brew Brew Guide


Cold brew coffee is delicious, convenient and makes a smooth and balanced brew that tastes fantastic over ice or with your favorite milk product.

Tools needed:

  • Cold brew system (Toddy, Filtron, etc.)
  • Coffee grinder
  • Cold brew filters
  • Bamboo paddle
  • Electronic gram scale
  • Fresh ground Bluestone Lane coffee

Brew time:

12 hrs

Brew steps:

Step 1:

1lb of ground coffee (454 grams) and 2 liters of water (2000 grams).  Grind your coffee slightly coarser than you would for a regular drip coffee.

grinder grinding coffee into a white bucket.

Step 2:

Most cold brew devices will have a plug at the bottom with a cloth filter and/or a paper filter that holds your coffee grounds.

bucket filled with coffee grinds and water.

Step 3:

Add coffee and water and give the coffee a little stir to make sure all the coffee grounds are evenly saturated with water.

someone pouring water into white bucket.

aerial shot of someone stirring the coffee grinds and water.

Step 4:

Cover and brew for 12 hours at ambient room temperature.

Step 5:

Drain and remove grinds and filters.

someone pouring cold brew into a clear jar.

Step 6:

Cut equal parts water or leave as a concentrate to enjoy over ice.

cold brew being poured into glass with ice.

milk being added to glass with cold brew.


Step 7:


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