Bluestone Lane launches Australian Iced Coffee for on the go

Bringing Bluestone Lane to the world

It’s an exciting time for us at Bluestone Lane as we introduce you to our first two ready-to-drink products in a line of four; Australian Iced Coffee with Oat Milk or Organic Milk. It has always been our mission to bring the vibrant coffee culture found in Australia to the rest of the world and this is another memorable step on that remarkable journey.

Along with pouring our passion for quality coffee into these products, months of concepting, trials and testing have gone into delivering a superior product that is, what I believe to be the best tasting on the market – as well as better for you than other brand offerings. Our product development team should be over the moon to see this go to market.

If you’re already a local, our premium Australian Iced Coffee with Oat Milk or Organic Milk is, of course, the coffee you know and love – made with clean, simple ingredients, nothing artificial and naturally sweetened with real cane sugar. Staying true to our innovative roots, we’ve gone above and beyond producing an on the go beverage with hallmarks of health while still being creamy and full of flavor. If you don’t live nearby a Bluestone Lane, this is our opportunity to meet our locals where they live. 

Our Australian Iced Coffee with Oat Milk is coffee forward and comes in at a minimal 90 calories per serve, while the Organic Milk also is only 110 calories with great coffee taste. 

Bluestone Lane anywhere, anytime

If you’re yet to experience the BL brand or if you’re an avid fan but don’t have a local nearby, then you can now enjoy this new Bluestone Lane fave, cold and on the go anywhere, anytime. Thanks to our mates at FreshDirect we are currently delivering to the East Coast – soon to be available national-wide via Amazon. You can also pick it up via any local Bluestone Lane with a grab and go. 

Committed to quality coffee

With a devotion to the best ingredients comes a commitment to craft. Our unique roasting process brings out the natural sweetness of our beans in tones of caramel and chocolate. Our beans are direct trade, sustainably farmed, ethically sourced and grown by farmers who we care about and proudly call mates. The unique resealable, recyclable, and environmentally friendly carton puts the planet first, just how we like it.

Grab it on the go. Sip it on the way to work. Bask in the little taste of Australia that this amazing new product brings you. And, stay tuned for more exciting developments from Bluestone Lane.

Get it here or follow along with us @bluestonelane #BLonthego.