5 Years of Bluestone Lane

Let’s take a trip down Bluestone (memory) Lane.

July 24, 2018 marks 5 years of Bluestone Lane. From Melbourne to Manhattan to more than six US cities, let’s take a look at the BL journey so far…

After moving from Melbourne to New York to work in banking, our Founder & CEO Nick Stone found himself missing his local Melbourne café experience. His yearning for a genuine escape from the daily grind, and a premium, friendly experience where the barista knew his name, face, and order became the catalyst to bring Aussie coffee culture to the USA. Bluestone Lane was, essentially, born out of “self-necessity.”

2013 – July 24, Bluestone Lane is born

805, Broad Street, Bryant Park

When Nick’s vision finally came to life, Bluestone Lane, the Melbourne inspired hole-in-the-wall coffee shop opened in Midtown at 805, 3rd Avenue, New York. The space was modeled off of hidden Aussie coffee shops, with vintage prints and Australian memorabilia adorning the walls. There was no street visibility, no signage, no sandwich board out the front – nothing. The idea was to stumble across our first location, or find it purely via word of mouth.


Collective Café

One year and three small coffee shops later, Bluestone Lane opened its very first full-service café. The ‘Collective Café,’ opened in the heart of Greenwich Village in 2014, becoming the Bluestone Lane flagship. This location provides the pillar for all BL cafés to follow, with a focus on friendly, engaging table service combined with a tastefully designed aesthetic and a healthy, progressive menu.


Rittenhouse Square, Upper East Side

We moved interstate! BL launched its first location outside of New York with a café in Rittenhouse Sq, Philadelphia, on November 21, 2015. We also opened our Upper East Side café, opposite the iconic Central Park, and adjacent to the Church of the Heavenly Rest.


Carmine Street, Astor Place, Montauk, DUMBO, Water Street, City Hall

Introducing: The Bluestone Lane Roastery & Coffee Training Facility. We began roasting all of our coffee from our state-of-the-art facility in DUMBO, Brooklyn. The 10,000 sq ft. space also features a fully equipped coffee education lab that offers our expert baristas continuous training in one of the world’s leading coffee culture hubs.
We introduced all three of our signature Wellness Lattes (Golden, Matcha, Beet), and became completely cashless!


Hoboken, Westchester, KOP, Garment District, Manhattan West, 400 Madison, Front Street, Times Square, Market Street, Spring Street

We opened out west! We had always been drawn to the endearingly Aussie feel of the West Coast, and our two locations in San Francisco launched the first of many in the sunny state. A new Times Square location also marked a significant milestone for Bluestone Lane, opening in the epicenter of New York City.


West End, Studio City, La Brea, Georgetown, Santa Monica, Venice, 11 Madison

Did somebody say dinner? We launched our first ever dinner menu in the beach town of Venice, California. We also opened in the nation’s capital, and continue to expand across the United States.

We are excited for the years to come! Thank you to each and every one of our locals for being with us on our journey.