The Third Place

The idea of a “third place” is not a new concept.

If home is the first place and work is the second, then a “third place” is another destination…a regular spot that feels familiar and comfortable every time you visit. You see the same faces at the same time every day and feel as if you know them, even though they are strangers. They become a part of your daily routine. You can stop by your “third place” any time, knowing exactly what to expect and that you are always welcome.

Bluestone employee handing a customer a menu inside the Collective cafe.
Photo Ben Hider

These spaces are a neutral ground providing a pleasant atmosphere, great customer service and an environment that is inspiring and friendly. In time, a feeling of community can be fostered between regular customers who silently cross paths morning after morning until one day, a simple comment exchanged about the weather or a local sports team can open up communication and lead to a new friendship. Maybe the next morning they greet each other and share a table and as time moves on, perhaps other regular customers will join them.

These people bond over knowing the name of their Barista, a neighborhood happening or because of banter in the café about what they’re eating. Whatever the reason, none of these things happen without a welcoming, comfortable environment.

The dining room at our West Village Collective Cafe.
The dining room at our West Village Collective Cafe

A great café provides a space for this bonding to happen,

including exceptional quality products, friendly staff and great experiences. It should make you feel like part of the family every visit and inspire you to come back again and again.

This is the essence of “Australian Coffee Culture” and sets Bluestone Lane apart from other coffee café experiences.

We hope that you consider us your “third place” and that some of those familiar faces become friends.

pillows on the bench at our collective cafe.