Sprudge Covers our Upper East Side Cafe

Thanks to Portland, Oregon based website Sprudge (it’s slang for the splats present on a barista’s clothing) for the coverage of our new Upper East Side cafe.

Along with some great photos, author Alexander Henry writes extensively about the history of the church space, our redesign of the interior and puts the icing on the cake by pointing out our white, La Marzocco Linea PB.

Set at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 90th Street on the Upper East Side, the church is washed by a tide of tourist foot traffic: the Guggenheim Museum is one block down, and Central Park lies across the street. The surrounding neighborhood of Carnegie Hill has been sedately moneyed since the time of Andrew Carnegie, the nineteenth-century steel magnate, whose widow sold the land on which the church is built.

interior of our Upper East Side Cafe.
Photo courtesy Sprudge
Cappuccino and a fake plant on a table.
Photo courtesy Sprudge

Read the entire post, “NYC: Coffee At The Church Of The Heavenly Rest Stop” over at Sprudge.