Vogue Talks: Tantalizing Alternatives to Traditional Java

Thanks to Vogue for giving Bluestone Lane’s wellness lattes some love and talking with our marketing director, Andy Stone, about the growing popularity of caffeine-free drinks, healthy lifestyles and how millennials are absorbing it all.

It’s no longer just about getting a quick caffeine fix in a run-of-the-mill coffee shop. It’s about an immersive café experience where you can break away from your daily grind.

— Andy Stone, Bluestone Lane Marketing Director

Bluestone Lane’s new healthy decaf alternatives use vibrant ingredients like ground turmericdehydrated beetroot and matcha to make the perfect wellness and Insta-worthy drinks.

Bluestone Lane Wellness Lattes

Thanks to their colorful hues, clever names, and purported health benefits, the new coffee-free drinks are truly the beverages of the Instagram generation.

— Julia McVeigh, Vogue Contributor 

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