Melbourne’s Coffee Culture Arrives in NYC

Australia’s talks about the influence of Melbourne’s coffee culture on New York City and spotlights why these two places are becoming more and more like each other every single day. These two cities never sleep (and they both have really really good coffee). We are thrilled to be part of the reason why New York’s coffee standard is becoming more like Melbourne’s booming coffee scene. Stop by Bluestone Lane for a delicious cup of coffee, the Australian way!

When I first came to New York six years ago there was barely anywhere to get a decent coffee — I ended up drinking drip as someone who strongly follows the motto of ‘death before Starbucks’. But now there are so many incredible options and I’m proud to say, most of them Australian. Check out Bluestone Lane, Toby’s Estate, Sweatshop and plenty more for a Melbourne style latté or flat white that will teleport you straight back to Degraves, or Gertrude Street, Fitzroy.

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