Brooklyn Paper Reviews Our Beet Latte

Looks like our Beet Latte is getting some attention from the Brooklyn Paper. Yes, it’s true, we’re dropping the beet Stateside with this wellness-infused hot pink drink that is turning heads and infiltrating Instagram. Check out the interview with Bluestone Lane’s own foodie Alexandra Knight Stone who has some pretty interesting things to say about this new eye-catching latte.

Aussies haven’t stopped at turning beets into hot pink drinks — they’re also using turmeric to make “golden lattes” and bright green “matcha lattes,” both of which are also on the menu at Bluestone Lane.

Lauren Gill at Brooklyn Paper

Brooklyn Paper - Beet Latte

Read the full post, “Hot pink! Dumbo cafe serving ‘beet lattes’” over at Brooklyn Paper and stop by Bluestone Lane to get your daily dose of antioxidants with one of our wellness drinks.