Watch “Aussie Coffee Culture In NYC”

BreakThruTV‘s Lauren Hawker did an informative video documentary on the Aussie coffee revolution that’s happening here in NYC. They featured us (around 1:05 in the video) and others like Toby’s Estate, Bluebird Coffee, and Little Collins.

Australians have long been known for their love of beer, but the country is also infatuated with espresso coffee. As part of the newest wave of New York’s always changing cafe culture, several spots owned or run by Australians have begun opening up across the city and introducing coffee names such as the “flat white” and the “long black.”

In the video Aaron Cook was interview by Lauren where he explains how Australian coffee is different from American coffee…”Australian coffee focuses on high quality espresso as a posed to American coffee that is more get and go filter coffee”. Aaron refers to our classic flat white and cappuccinos (with coco dusting) as a point of difference and a way of introducing the Aussie culture to the American market. Aaron explains that it is also about engaging with the customer to create that ultimate experience.