Hoboken: Mom’s Morning Chat with Alexandra Stone

Join us at Bluestone Lane Hoboken on Tuesday, June 27 at 10am for Mom’s Morning Chat

Being a mum doesn’t mean you have to forget about yourself. Living in balance and investing in yourself allows for your babies, partner and life to flourish. Join us for a Mom’s Morning Chat to learn more about the journey of motherhood.


Motherhood is a battle of doing it all, a balancing act between caring for your most adored, your family and most importantly yourself. Let’s just confirm that no one is able to juggle it all without some concerns, hurdles or hiccups along the way. Who am I to know? I’m a biomedical scientist, wellness advocator, fitness instructor and soon to be mum myself.


Alexandra Stone standing on the street in the West Village.

A little more about me

My name is Alexandra Stone and I’m 25 weeks pregnant with my first. I’m no expert but I do have 8 years experience in wellbeing, coaching and fitness education that has been centered around the health of the female mind and body.


Alexandra doing a yoga pose on a yoga mat.

What I’ll talk about

I’ll cover some tips, hints and offer support to make the journey of motherhood and being there for yourself and your loved ones a little bit easier. Pregnancy is just one phase but getting back to you being you is another. We will cover topics such as:
  1. How to make the most of your time moving and getting back into shape
  2. How to get organized – Apps to use, meal prepping, grocery shopping and cooking
  3. Personal experiences and how motherhood starts as soon you decide you want to bring a little miracle into this world. State of mind is everything.
  4. The dirty dozen and what does that mean for me and my baby
  5. Food combining for digestion
  6. Exercises that are perfect for baby on board and post baby
  7. * Understanding no one thing is right for everyone, learning to be at ease with your mind and your way of life.
I wish to impart knowledge I’ve gained through my wellness career about health pre baby and also through my experience of pregnancy. Although living a lifestyle that is abundant and healthy, I too have been thrown some difficult health challenges throughout my pregnancy. So it’s fair to say next week’s Mom’s Morning Chat will be real and educational. You will be leaving with practical skills and useful handouts to enrich your wellbeing as well as at least one new friend – me!