LA Vibes

As part of our move cross country, Bluestone Lane has opened in LA with three new coffee shops in the sunny state.

It’s stylish, it’s alluring, and it’s audacious. It’s also warm, welcoming and unapologetically diverse. Los Angeles is home to an undefinable demographic, populated by everybody from coastal-minded surfers to entrepreneurial tech enthusiasts, and all in between.

We were born in NYC with authentic Australian roots, and have always been attracted to the endearingly homogeneous Aussie feel of the West Coast. Sand in your hair and sun on your skin seldom feels as good as it does in Aus – except for on the California Coast.

Surf board sticking out of the water.

La Brea, Studio City & Santa Monica

In March 2018, we opened our first two LA locations in Studio City and La Brea. This was followed by our first beach-side destination in Santa Monica. The sunny side of the country has warmly welcomed us, our premium coffee, and our healthy café fare. The first BL location opened adjacent to sweetgreen at 176 South La Brea Avenue. Together we share street frontage on the bustling S La Brea Ave, and a unique outdoor space that doubles as a carpark/activation area. This union with our fellow East Coast-born friend garners a cult following of health-conscious millennials and coffee loving locals alike.

Table top at Bluestone Lane with coffee and baked eggs.

Our New Neighbors

Unlike New York, Los Angeles is more approachable by car, with a far-spread of unique neighborhoods from the city to the sea. However, a smattering of boutique shops and eateries are never far. An eclectic range surrounds us in Studio City, including our friends at Rudy’s Barber Shop, and in La Brea the iconic American Rag Cie.

Saturday 31st March saw the first of many active collaborations with our adjacent neighbor, sweetgreen. An outdoor yoga class with local studio Modo Yoga brought together fitness lovers for a morning of sun salutations, salads and smash.

Crowd of 40 people doing yoga outdoors.

From quiet palm tree promenades to the bustling urban core, LA is defined by its diversity, and we are so excited to be part of it.