Characters & Carry-ons

Check out the great review (and excellent photos!) of our West Village Collective Cafe by Joyce Pak at her website Characters & Carry-ons.

I had high expectations for Bluestone Lane, which had been on my must explore list for the longest time. When I finally got to visit, it was love at first sight. It was as though the cafe was made for me. The entire cafe was impeccably designed, and I loved their theme of blue and turquoise.

Read the full post, “COFFEE SHOP SERIES: BLUESTONE LANE” over at Characters & Carry-ons.

Joyce, your photos were so good we had to showcase some here…

Barista behind coffee machine making coffee.
Photo courtesy Joyce Pak Characters & Carry-ons
hanging plants along a wall in the Collective Cafe.
Photo courtesy Joyce Pak Characters & Carry-ons
aerial shot of an avocado smash with a flat white and an open magazine.
Avo Smash, Flat White and a DRIFT mag.. oh yea. Photo courtesy Joyce Pak Characters & Carry-ons

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