It’s Time to Indulge in Our New Spring Menu

Visit Your Nearest Bluestone Lane Cafe to Taste Our Delicious Spring Menu!

As the Central Park cherry blossoms begin to bloom, so do the Bluestone Lane dishes. Keeping it fresh and seasonal, our new spring menu features an assortment of deliciousness that will buzz your taste buds!

Did someone say smash that’s green and tasty but isn’t avocado? We have a new member of the evergreen harvest family that is here to rival our classic avocado smash! Plump green peas with mint make up this stellar smash combo and is topped with crunchy watermelon radish.

Pea & Mint Smash

Pea and Mint Smash with radishes on top.
Pea and Mint Smash with a delicious and healthy blend of peas, mint and lemon seasoned with sea salt, e.v.o.o and chili flakes, topped with a dollop of creamy coconut yogurt on toasted Balthazar bread

We’ve taken nut butter to a new level by introducing our house made, spiced creamy cashew butter which complements the vanilla poached fruits of the spring. Peaches and cream on toast in all its vegan glory!

Honey Cashew Butter on Balthazar Toast

cashew butter toast with fruit and a bluestone lane juice in the background.
Creamy Honey Cashew Butter on Balthazar toast with seasonal poached fruit

Another top favorite on our spring menu is our wholesome Bircher Muesli bowl. This dish will fill any growling tummy and leave you feeling guilt free. Velvety coconut yogurt is folded through soft fruity oats and quinoa, topped with a garnish of strawberries and apple, this dish will start any morning off on the right foot.

Bircher Muesli

Bircher Muesli served with fruit next to a Bluestone Lane tote bag filled with flowers.
Bircher Muesli served with creamy oats, quinoa, greek yogurt, shredded apple and berries

We heard sometimes you just want to get your hands on something plentiful, fulfilling and downright juicy. Meet the star of our spring show, the spicy chicken sandwich with Moroccan spice dressing and tahini yogurt. It will not only satisfy all those lunch time hunger pains but it will also keep you lean and healthy using only the highest quality organic chicken and top grade crispy ciabatta bread.

Moroccan Chicken Sandwich

three people sitting at Bluestone Lane enjoying brunch and laughing.
The delicious Moroccan Chicken Sandwiches served on ciabatta roll with yogurt dressing and avocado smash

Stop on by your nearest Bluestone Lane Cafe for a view of our entire spring menu that has been carefully curated to bring you the finest brunch in NYC (and the best coffee, of course)!