Bluestone Lane 💙 Creative Mornings

Bluestone Lane was recently invited to attend and donate coffee to the latest Creative Mornings NY breakfast lecture. Held once a month in changing locations, Creative Mornings lectures are held with the purpose of inspiring, connecting and galvanizing the creative community.

Volunteers from the Bluestone crew served up over 300 cups of hot brew to many smiling faces.

People waiting to get their free Bluestone Lane hot brew.

I was fortunate enough to encounter CM in Baltimore while living there in early 2015. Run completely on a volunteer basis by very passionate people, the atmosphere of each talk I went to was always rich with infectious excitement. I began volunteering with them and met some of the most wonderful and inspiring people. The New York chapter is exactly the same. Pairing such a great community with the incredible community found at Bluestone Lane was a really special experience. We got to meet (and caffeinate) a great group of people and listen to a fantastic lecture by author and co-founder of the Harvard Program on Negotiation, William Ury.

Bluestone Lane has definitely found a new friend in Creative Mornings and one that we very much hope to keep. We thank them for having us as a part of their event and look forward to pairing up with them again in the future!

auditorium filled with people watching a projector screen about bluestone lane.

4 stacks of Bluestone Lane cups with people in the background.

If you are interested in learning more about Creative Mornings (in the US or abroad – there are chapters in 130 cities globally) please head to