Availability Pushing Avocado Prices Higher

Dear Avo Smash lovers, we’ve got some bad news..

Due to a heatwave and a farmer’s strike, avocado availability has dropped causing higher avocado prices. We’re sad to say Bluestone Lane will need to increase the price of our Avocado Smash by $1 per serving until availability is back to normal.

Here are some resources explaining the situation further.

The Golden State’s weather has been a real bastard lately, baking Southern Californians in temperatures as high as 122 degrees for more than a week now. The oven-esque conditions obviously take the blame for many sweaty backsides, but that region is also home to 90 percent of America’s avocados.

Grubstreet, “Some Even Worse News for America’s Beloved Avocados”

wall art of of an avocado with Homer Simpson saying "avocad'oh!"
Thank you Hanksy

A growers strike in Mexico has brought avocado farming to a standstill. To make matters worse, suppliers in California and Peru are not equipped to make up the difference. Major heat waves in Southern California have stunted avocado production there and Peru does not have enough supply to fill the void.

— The Buffalo News, “Shortages and price hikes expected for avocados and lettuce”

We’ll keep you posted.