3 Ways to Kick-start Your New Year With Wellness

Looking for a New Year’s resolution you can actually keep?

How about more wellness? More brunch? More exercise? We’re here to help.

New Year’s resolutions are always made with good intentions, but in reality can prove hard to keep. We’ve got a few tips to help you kick-start the New Year, well.

More Wellness

We’re welcoming the New Year with the launch of our BL Wellness Powders. You may have tried our antioxidant-packed Beetroot Latte, fallen in love with our green tea Matcha, or reaped the health rewards from our Golden Latte. Now, you can enjoy them all from the comfort of your own home! Shop online and we’ll deliver your favorite latte blend directly to your door. Our signature Beetroot, Golden and Matcha powders are recognized for their extensive range of health benefits – and make starting your year with wellness easy!


More Brunch

Brunch – our favorite meal of the day that beautifully blurs the line between breakfast & lunch. We believe that enjoying your favorite coffee (or Wellness Latte) & healthy brunch staple should be an experience; about finding a place to escape, to disconnect and to enjoy your time, thoughtfullyThis year, take more time for yourself, enjoy food that is good for your body, and use your local BL as the place to do it!


More Exercise

New Year, new exercise regime? The combination we’re backing involves a few of our favorite things: breaking a sweat, drinking coffee, and spending time with friends doing it. If you happen to be in Venice Beach, we’ve got the solution for you. Join us, our friends at Outdoor Voices, and a group of other like-minded mates for a 2-3 mile jog followed by a free cup of coffee at BL Venice Beach! Starting at 9:30am on the last Sunday of every month, this is a resolution that’ll last longer than just January. For more details and to RSVP, head to this link.


Get your New Year’s resolutions rolling and have the whole Wellness Collection delivered to your door!