Vogue’s New Obsession.

Vogue’s Ally Betker stopped by to indulge in her new obsession, our flat white. She wrote an impressive article about us in Vogue’s Travel & Lifestyle section on our Aussie culture and our success in NYC . Ally was the first to try our Bluestone Lane – Collective Cafe dinner, where we entice her with a bit of everything from our rosemary lamb to our roasted carrots with quinoa and tahini. Astonished by our vegetarian, gluten free and vegan options on our menu, Ally enjoyed the clean healthy food presented to her. Aussie chef, Sappho designed our menu and was inspired by the robust food and coffee culture in Melbourne, Australia.

With a combination of our uniquely Australian designed space (designer by another Aussie, Julia Sullivan) and indulging menu, Ally describes the cafe as a place that would become a regular dinning option for many.

The food alone is enough to make this a regular dining destination, not to mention the hanging indoor garden, pillow-lined window seats, and the whitewashed outdoor patio. Which is of course, the point—especially when it comes to the coffee. “We have a space that invites you to sit down with a friend and enjoy the coffee, instead of sucking it down,” says Cook. “In Australia, coffee is a real social medium. It’s a lifestyle.”

photographed by Nicola Sevitt
photographed by Nicola Sevitt


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