City Brewed Visits our West Village Collective

The stunning Ellie Eckert, Founder and Creative Director of City Brewed, recently had her heart stolen by our “charming” west village location. Ellie was not only taken back by “our delicious take on Australian coffee, but the décor that will most likely inspire [her] next apartment”.

Ellie needed to find out more about our Australian concept and the inspiration behind Aussie coffee and how our café décor made it to NYC. General Manager Aaron Cook explained to Ellie in a casual interview the story behind Bluestone Lane and how we came to be in NYC.

“The whole idea was based on the lack of premium coffee in New York, and we thought there was a niche in the market” – Aaron Cook

Read the full interview “Coffee Talk with Aaron Cook of Bluestone Lane Collective Café” at City Brewed.