Billboard Highlights Our Curated Playlist

Thanks for dropping by, Billboard Music. It seems they came for the Flat White, and stayed for the beats… by Bluestone. 

On National Coffee Day, Billboard Music kicked off its first edition of their Billboard’s Music + Coffee Series highlighting coffee shops that, “awaken more than just the taste buds, but all five methods of perception: touch, sight, smell, taste and sound”.

Fortunately, they dropped by our most recently opened location in DUMBO just in time for the release of our new music playlists curated by resident DJ, Dave Gookin. With the introduction of Bluestone Lane A.M, P.M, and Locals Hours playlists, there’s a track everyone can enjoy for any kind of vibe.

Simply find “Bluestone Lane Music” on Spotify, and give us a follow to enjoy the Bluestone Lane tunes in your own time.” 

My plate has been cleared and I’m sipping on ice-cube water, but stay because my caffeine buzz kicked in and I want to know what’s next on the playlist.

— Leslie Richin, Billboard

Read the full article “How Brooklyn’s Bluestone Lane Curates Perfect Playlist for Your Coffee Break: Music + Coffee Series” over at Billboard.