Princeton Café — 155 Nassau Park Blvd

New Jersey

We’re open in Princeton!

Introducing the newest addition to the Bluestone Lane family—our new Princeton café! Nestled in the heart of this historic town, our Princeton location brings all the unmistakable Aussie charm and coffee culture we’re known for. Tucked away from the rush of the town center, our Princeton location is a tranquil haven where locals can unwind and recharge. Whether you’re a student seeking a quiet spot for studying or a resident looking for a peaceful escape, our new Princeton café offers a welcoming atmosphere for all. Featuring several new menu items, and our signature coffee, it’s a great spot to grab brunch and a coffee with friends.



The Design:

A reflection of the greenery and natural beauty around it, the store’s design brings a touch of nature indoors. Soft green hues, combined with open, airy spaces and abundant natural light, allows customers to relax and enjoy their coffee in a tranquil environment. Open, inviting seating areas make it the perfect space for everything from brunch with the family, to a work lunch or coffee with friends. Thoughtfully designed to offer a harmonious blend of nature and community, our Princeton café is a creating a welcoming oasis—a daily escape—for all who visit.

The Menu:

Expect an all-day menu that is both healthy and delicious, with old faves like our Avo Smash and Best Mates Bowl, as well as several new dishes exclusive to Princeton. Early risers and brunch enthusiasts can enjoy the new Breakfast Nachos, while the Chila Burrito—combining tortilla chips, guajillo sauce, avocado smash, and delicate scrambled eggs—delivers a satisfying lunch option. Locals will also enjoy the updated Rainbow Bowl, which features roasted cauliflower and a medley of autumnal flavors. Our Princeton café is not just a place for great coffee but a culinary experience that caters to a variety of tastes.