Flower Shop — 8100 W 3rd St

Los Angeles

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Welcome to the Bluestone Lane Flower Shop in West Hollywood!

Located on the corner of W3rd and S Crescent Heights Boulevard, a new Bluestone Lane has taken over an enormous street front location in the heart of WeHo (West Hollywood).

The Flower Shop

What once was an unassuming flower shop, has now been transformed into a unique café, featuring a take-out window, expansive interior seating, and an extensive all-day menu. The building’s exterior features the eye-catching work of artist Madeline Simson, who wrapped the building in Australian flora, paying homage to the pre-existing flower shop that inhabited the space for decades prior. The Australian synergy continues with an on-site collaboration with Aussie florist Poppy Lavender Florals, who sells fresh bouquets daily from the cafés ‘take-away’ window.

Menu Offerings

Designed for the Californian local, the menu at the West Hollywood Flower Shop Café features all of the BL classics, as well as an array of new items to suit the diversity of the area. We are offering our entire coffee program, as well as food menus for breakfast and lunch. We invite you to join us for a lingering lunch, coffee on the run, or breakfast with friends at BL West Hollywood. Please note our kitchen typically closes 30 mins before the café closes.


  • Bowery Cafe Menu
  • Bowery Cafe Alcohol

Brekkie All Day

Proud to use only cage free eggs

  • Avocado Smash (D)
    Our Classic Avo Smash with sheeps milk feta, Heirloom tomatoes and soft herbs on toasted multigrain bread
  • Green Baked Eggs (D)
    spinach, sheep’s milk feta, eggs, tomatoes & chimichurri served in a hot skillet w/ toast
  • Banana Bread (N)
    HUSK Gluten Free Banana Bread, Cow's Milk Ricotta, Fresh Strawberries & roasted pecans
  • Good Grains Granola (D, N)
    HUSK gluten free granola w/ cow’s milk yogurt, lemon curd & fresh berries 
  • Brekkie Board (D, N)
    Best of both worlds; Avo Smash and Good Grains Granola, half portion of each
  • Big Brekkie
    Smoked bacon, poached eggs, roasted tomato, grilled chorizo, avocado smash, baby kale, baked mushrooms served w/ toast
  • Breakfast All Day Bowl (D)
    Poached egg, red quinoa, baby kale, avocado, sheeps milk feta, heirloom tomatoes & house lemon dressing
  • Breakfast Burrito (D)
    Scrambled eggs, bacon, guajillo sauce, avocado, cotija & potatoes served w/ dressed greens
  • Eggs Benedict (D)
    Two poached eggs w/ hollandaise, prosciutto & arugula
  • Bacon & Chilli Scramble Roll (D)
    Scrambled eggs, fresh jalapeno, sheep's milk feta, caramelized onion & crispy bacon on brioche roll served w/ dressed greens
  • Chilled Out Overnight Oats (D, N)
    w/ fresh strawberries & green apple, strawberry yoghurt, pepitas & coconut w/ a side of honey
  • Toast bar
    Vegemite & butter (D)
    Jam & butter(D)
    Almond Butter (N)
  • Add Ons
    poached egg
    sheep’s milk feta
    grilled chicken
    smoked salmon
    fried fingerling potatoes
  • Notes

    Additional nutrition information available upon request. Menu items may contain, or have come in contact with milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, peanuts, treenuts, wheat, sesame seeds and/or soybeans. Please inform your server of any allergies. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

All Day Lunch

  • Rainbow Bowl (D)
    Avocado, spinach, red cabbage, carrots, sheep's milk feta, a poached egg & herbed yogurt dressing
  • Summer Chicken & Greens Bowl (D, N)
    Warm grilled chicken, avocado, celery, apple, romaine & spinach leaves, toasted pecans & lemon yoghurt dressing
  • Pulled Chicken Salad Sandwich (D)
    Chicken salad, soft herbs & arugula on a brioche roll served served w/ fried fingerling potatoes or dressed greens
  • Salmon Buddha Bowl (D)
    Smoked salmon, sheep's milk feta, mint, edamame, pomegranate, avocado, baby kale, cherry tomatoes, carrot, quinoa & tahini dressing
  • BLAT (D)
    Bacon, avocado, arugula & tomato jam on ciabatta
  • The Bay Burger (D)
    Caramelized onion, rocket, fig jam, white cheddar & garlic aioli

Coffee & More

  • Espresso
    If filter coffee was beer, then espresso is whiskey. Coffee that is brewed under high pressure and extracted in a short amount of time – resulting in a syrupy and highly concentrated beverage. Rotating single origins.
  • Long Black
    Single Origin espresso gently resting on a small amount of hot water for dilution.
  • Hot Brew
    Filter coffee that is rich and chocolatey
  • Macchiato
    A single shot of espresso with a stain of steamed milk and microfoam
  • Piccolo
    A single shot of espresso with 3 oz of steamed, silky textured milk served in a small glass
  • Magic
    A stronger, less diluted spin on a flat white – two espresso shots in a 4.5oz cup with steamed milk and velvety microfoam
  • Latte
    Espresso with steamed, silky textured milk and 1 inch of microfoam
  • Flat White
    An Australian classic. Espresso with steamed, silky textured milk and a thin layer of microfoam
  • Cappuccino
    Espresso with steamed, silky textured milk, microfoam and cocoa dusting on top
  • Hot Chocolate
    Steamed, silky textured milk with cocoa spun in the pitcher and dusted with chocolate shavings
  • Bambiccino
    3 oz of steamed milk with cocoa dusting on top for the little ones
  • Organic Tea
  • Loose Leaf Chai Latte
  • Cold brew
    Flagstaff blend coffee ground and immersed in water for 12 hours to extract and form a concentrate
  • Affogato
  • Cold Milo
    Malted chocolate with whole milk and vanilla ice cream
  • Iced latte
    Whole milk with a double espresso shot and ice
  • Iced chocolate
  • Aussie iced latte
    A double shot of espresso poured over whole milk and ice cream
  • Cold brew float
  • Cold Brew Iced Tea - Spring Trellis
  • Cold Brew Iced Tea - Melbourne Brekkie
  • More
    Au lait
    Single O
    Extra Shot
  • Wellness - Latté
    Make it iced
  • Wellness - Spritz
    Berry Adaptogen
    Tropical Zen
  • Cold Press Juices
    cucumber, apple, kale, lemon, ginger root, spinach

    cucumber, apple, celery, romaine, zucchini, kale, lemon, spinach, ginger root

    pineapple, grapefruit, lemon, ginger root

    apple, ginger root, lemon, cayenne

    pineapple, carrot, orange, ginger root, turmeric

    Orange Juice

    Fuji Apple Juice
  • Sparkling Waters
    lemon + lime