Taste the Style Names Hottest Food Trends

Bluestone Lane’s ‘Superfood Lattes’ Listed Among the Healthiest Drinks in NYC

Thanks to Kirby Kelly over at Taste the Style for the writeup about our Golden Turmeric Latte. This vibrant, frothy wellness drink is top on everyone’s list and Taste the Style is naming it among the few lattes that will actually last beyond ‘the trend’.

Come on over to Bluestone Lane to drink up the healing benefits of this tasty latte and check out our other wellness drinks including our Matcha Latte and our newest drink the Beetroot Latte.

Superfood “lattes” are on the menu at NYC’s hottest dining establishments. Pop over to Bluestone Lane for their Golden Latte with turmeric, which boasts anti-inflammatory benefits and boosts your alertness, sans caffeine.

Kirby Kelly / Taste the Stlye

Did someone say it’s latte time?!?

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