Financial District – 30 Broad St

The Financial District store was Bluestone Lane’s second coffee shop, located at the base of the historic Continental Bank Building – a signature Art Deco high-rise just steps from the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Built in 1932 with a private walkway to the main NYSE trading floor, Bluestone Lane is the first retail amenity to be created inside the building base.

The coffee shop provides a coffee oasis away from the hustle of Wall Street.

Lined with ample seating, it’s the perfect spot to sit and catch up on the day’s news while enjoying your caffeine fix. Designed to complement the historic elements of the building, a beautiful circular wooden bench sits within a former revolving door vestibule, with additional enclosed seats outside the shop.

The Financial District store retains its authentic roots, modeled on what you would traditionally find in downtown Melbourne, yet infused with classic New York City details. Each store features a frame wall filled with light boxes projecting vintage Australian newspapers, driving maps and a raft vintage sporting memorabilia.


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